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We are The National Institute of The Study of Violence, an organization based in the United States. We thank you for visiting our website. The page you are viewing is the Canadian Wall of Remembrance. We posted this page because we feel there must be cooperation between women of all countries to end violence against women and we believe that the women listed should be remembered they paid the ultimate price for being a woman. They are the women who have gone before us and their lives should be remembered. These women believed in themselves and wanted to live their lives and determine their destiny. They took an active role in trying to determine the direction of their lives and the future of their families. It should never be said that these women contributed to their murders. When these women were murdered they were going about their daily lives. Some were trying to work a job and be a wife and mother. Others had succeeded as a parent and were looking forward to playing with their grandchildren. Some were attending college and working a job. Others were working at night because working the midnight shift paid them more money, money that they needed because they had to support their children alone. Also midnight jobs allowed the women to be available to their children during the day. These women were accosted in their home, on the street and/ or on the job by assailants that were angry over the circumstances of their lives; because they were mentally ill or because they were angry or using drugs.

The women listed below were mothers, daughter, sisters, nieces, grandmothers, aunts, or cousins to someone. Their death left their family devastated and left our society deprived of their talents and vision. We cannot as a civilized nation allow women to be murdered anywhere in the world and do nothing in their name. This is why we ask that, if you believe the information on this website is value, you invite others to view our website and to download our Free E-Books. Your action may have save the life of a woman or child. Thank you for your attention.

Missing or Murdered from Vancouver Area of Canada

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1000 Native Women Murdered Missing in Canada Over 30 Years RCMP

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Missing or Murdered from Vancouver Area of Canada

A list of the dead or missing:

Angela Joseby, 23
Ann Ruby Threlfall, 24
Barbara Ellen Killon
Bernadine Standingready, 26
Birdena Grace Pierce, 38
Bonnie Kate Whalan, 32
Carol Ruby Davis, 29
Catherine Mary Lou Daignault, 40
Chantal Marie Venne, 21
Charlene Kerr, 29
Cheri Lynn Smith, 18
Cheryl-Anne Joe, 26
Connie Christenson, 27
Crysta Lynn David, 21
Crystal Wright, 19
Dayle Linda Patterson, 32
Diane Gudmundson, 24
Donna Rose Kiss, 25
Dorothy Spence, 33
Frances Ann Grant, 33
Glenna Marie Sowan, 25
Grace Barbara Theodorou, 21
Jamie Dawn Vanwieren, 17
Kimberley Gallup, 18
Lalonnie Frances Thibert, 25
Lisa Lynn McLaren, 24
Lisa Marie Gavin 21
Lori Anne Pennycook, 29
Lynn Duggan, 34
Margaret Vedan, 41
Mary Lidguerre, 30
Mary O’Donnell, 53
Melissa Nicholson, 17
Melody Anne Newfield, 33
Nashter Dhahan, 25
Pamela Joy Cameron, 16
Patricia Pendleton, 29
Rachel Turley, 20
Rose Minnie Peters, 28
Tammy Lee Pipe, 24
Tanya Smith, 16
Tej Kaur Hundle, 67
Tina Leadley
Tina Thompson, 20
Tracey Leigh Chartrand, 25
Tracy Olajide, 30
Umi O’Brian, 34
Vickie Rosalind Black, 25
Victoria Lynn Younker, 35
Wendy Poole, 26

Unidentified Women

Jane Doe (August 10, 1993)
Jane Doe (November 9, 1995)
Jane Doe (Mt. Pleasant)
Jane Doe (teenager; July 17, Stanley Park)

A Missing Women’s Trust Fund has been established at the Bank of Montreal, accepting donations for construction of a “rapid opiate detoxification center in the Downtown Eastside.”

First Nation Women

It is estimated that there are approximately five hundred First Nation Women missing in Canada, mostly from the Western Provinces, over the past fifteen years. It is alleged that these deaths and disappearances are under-reported, and that the public and media are indifferent to the murder of a native woman. It is believed that white men hunt down vulnerable Native women, and viciously beat or kill them. It is also believed that the criminal investigations of these incidents are flawed. Below is a list naming some of these women; Unless otherwise indicated the dates represent when the woman’s body was found:

Helen Betty Osborne, 19

Abducted from a city street for the sexual pleasure of two men. They felt that she should give it up because she was a squaw. She was killed in cold blood. It took sixteen years before her murderer was brought to trial. He is now walking free.

Brittany Manitopyes, 17
Disappeared on January 15, 2003

Monique Pitre, 30
Body found on January 7, 2003

Maxine Wapass, 23
Missing on June 5, 2002

Donna Marie Kasyon, 20
Stabbed to death on June 15, 2002

Barbara Eyapaise, 24
Missing on January 17, 2002

Edna Bernard, 28
Mother of six. Murdered on September 23, 2002; her body was burned.

Ginger Lee Belleroe, 26
Mother. Beaten to death on April. 26, 2001

Jamie Wheeler, 20
Stabbed to death on March 12, 2000

Naomi Leigh Desjarlais
Murdered in 1987

Shirley Lonethunder
Disappeared in 1991

Crystal Paskemin, 21
December 29, 2000

Joanne Ghostkeeper, 24
Strangled in 1996

Jessica Cardinal
Found strangled to death on June 14, 1997

Lorraine Wray, 46
Mother; strangled at work

Sherry Ann Upright, 25
Murdered on January 3, 1999

Rhonda Running Bird, 25
Missing on March 30, 1995

Georgette Flint, 19
Found murdered in September, 1988

Pamela Jean George, 28
found murdered on April 18, 1995.

Mary Jane Serloin, 35
Murdered on December 23, 1981.

Shelley Napape, 16
Murdered in 1992

Eva Taysup
Murdered in 1992

Calinda Waterhen, 22
Murdered in 1992

Montreal Canada

University of Montreal – December 6, 1989

Geneviev Bergeron
Helen Colgan
Nathalie Croteau
Barbara Daigneault
Maud Haviernick
Anna Marie Edwards
Barbara Marie Klueznick
Maryse Laganiere
Maryse Leclair
Anne-Marie Lemay
Sonia Pelletier
Michelle Richard
Annie St.-Arneault
Annette Turcotte

Marlene Hogue 30
Montreal, Canada

List of the Dead – Quebec

The next list was tallied by the Montreal Men Against Sexism C/O Martin Dufresne

Ada Burns,
Agnes McCorkick-McKenzie,
Aida El-Tomi,
Albina Arbour Cloutier,
Alex Maheux-Royer,
Alexandra McBride,
Alexandre Blanchette,
Alexandre Riendeau,
Alice Benoit,
Alice Lepine-Reeves,
Aline Dube,
Aloma Potvin,
Alonzo Ortiz,
Amanda Huard,
Andrea Gagné,
Andree Halpin,
Ann Lyons,
Ann Tuyet Nguen,
Anna Marden,
Anna-Maria Codina-Leva,
Anne Brissette,
Anne Laurin,
Anne-Marie Edward,
Anne-Marie Lemay,
Anne-Marie Sharpe,
Annick Gravel,
Annie Dominique-Normandin,
Annie St-Arneault,
Annie Turcotte,
Antoinette Asselin,
Ashley Pluviose,
Audrey Danjou-Chretien,
Aurelie Grimoux,
Aurore Tremblay,
Aurore Tremblay,
Barbara Daigneault,
Barbara Maria Kluznick,
Bee-Leei Meng,
Beatrice Lavoie,
Benoit Marceau,
Bercuhi Leylekoglu,
Berta Dimidjan,
Berthe Hardy-Blanchette,
Binh-Khieu-Thanh Tran,
Bitha Mengo Munsi,
Born Samphorn,
Calliope Vournous,
Carmel Louisjeune,
Carmen Lagueux,
Carmie Jeannot,
Carole Bienvenue,
Carole Blanchette,
Carole Boisvert,
Carole Lachapelle,
Carole Rajotte,
Caroline Guimond,
Caroline Landry,
Caroline Laniel,
Caroline Poulin,
Carrie Dolores Mancuso,
Catherine Dansereau,
Catherine Morin,
Cathy Brooks,
Cathy Caretta,
Cecile Roy,
Cedric Alexandre-Scott,
Cedric Bourgeois-Cadieux,
Celine Frechette,
Celine Lemieux-Letendre,
Celine Pearson,
Celine Saint-Amant,
Chantal Briere,
Chantal Brochu,
Chantal Lavoie,
Chantal Tremblay,
Charlene McFarlane,
Charles Gagne,
Chien Chin Wong,
Christian Girard,
Christiane Asselin,
Christiane Boucher,
Christiane Maurice,
Christina Deladurantaye,
Christina Mitriou,
Christina Palasanu,
Christine Dallaire-Labelle,
Christine De Grandmont,
Christine Deslauriers,
Christine Leclerc,
Christine Lessard,
Christine Tremblay,
Christophe-Emmanuel Robinson,
Cindy Faucher,
Claire Lafreniere,
Claire Samson,
Claude Ferron,
Claude Julien,
Claude Lecours,
Claudette Archambault-Perron,
Claudette Servant,
Colette Julien,
Cynthia Crichlow,
Daniel Desrochers,
Danielle Andre,
Danielle Boucher,
Danielle Falardeau,
Danielle Laplante,
Danielle Provost,
Danny Deschamps,
Dany Fleurant,
David Guillet,
David Prieur-Santerre,
Deborah Ann Rothmann,
Deilia Tautu,
Delima Kopeau,
Denise Charron,
Denise Martel,
Diana Tautu,
Diane Couture,
Diane Francis,
Diane Gelinas,
Diane Labelle,
Diane Latour,
Diane Lavigne,
Diane Massicotte,
Diane Paquette,
Dolores Lijoi,
Donald Desruisseaux,
Donna Norris,
Dora Psyrris,
Dorine Mallette,
Dylan Lebel,
Elaine Cormier,
Elise Leboeuf,
Elizabeth Bernachez-Larocque,
Emmanuella Corso,
Eric Arpin,
Eric Labonne,
Eric Saint-Jean,
Estelle Letendre,
Eva Paradis,
Evette Brown-Alliman,
Fabian Mitchell,
Fanny Kingstone,
Florence Bouchard,
France Bazinet,
France Lacharite,
France Legault,
France Pelletier,
France Roy,
Francine Gouin,
Francine Lefebvre,
Francine Turcotte-Berard,
Francine Valois,
Francine Villeneuve,
Francis Boucher,
Francois Wistaff,
Francoise Barnes-Carriere,
Francoise Beaulieu,
Francoise Beaulne,
Francoise Lirette,
Frankz Anatole,
Gaetane Saint-Pierre,
Gemma Dessureault,
Genevieve Bergeron,
Genevieve Prieur-Santerre,
Georges-Eric Lohier,
Georgette Forget,
Germaine Charbonneau,
Germaine Desilets,
Germaine Hebert,
Gertrude Paquin,
Ghislaine Dube,
Ghislaine Gagnon,
Gilberte Desalliers,
Ginette Boucher,
Ginette Dufresne,
Ginette Gaudette,
Ginette Lamirande-Grenon,
Ginette Legault,
Ginette Rivard,
Ginette Vincent,
Guylaine Fortin,
Guylaine Gent,
Guylaine Leblond,
Hanh Nguyen,
Helene Colgan,
Helene Dufresne,
Helene Farman,
Helene Hurtubise,
Helene Langlais,
Helene Plante,
Hend El-Tomi,
Hermeline Leblanc-Bourdages,
Hortensia Diaz,
Huguette Demers-Paradis,
Huguette Marie-Brideau,
Ian Lambert-Tourangeau,
Ida Rudy Kramer,
Immaculee-Barbara Pierre,
Innocent Kastar,
Isabelle Bacon,
Isabelle Bolduc,
Isabelle Brouillette-Venne,
Isabelle Champoux,
Isabelle Denis,
Isabelle Rolin,
Isabelle Villeneuve,
Jacinthe Dufour,
Jacqueline Bernard,
Jacqueline Dansereau,
Jacqueline Fortin,
Jadwiga Lorynski,
Jae Woo Hu,
Jane Grefford,
Janette Daigneault,
Janie Lefebvre,
Jayshri Patel,
Jea In Hu,
Jean-Vanel Prevost,
Jeanet Grenier-Lajoie,
Jean-Francois Leclerc,
Jean-Francois Lessard,
Jean-Marc Harper,
Jean-Philippe Rossignol,
Jeanne Bouchard,
Jeanne Francoeur,
Jeannine Boissonneault-Durand,
Jerome Frechette,
Jerome Leclerc,
Jerome Langlois,
Jessica Charbonneau,
Jessica Chiasson-Huard,
Jessica Lemire-Gagnon,
Joan Williams,
Joanna Simolenska-Powada,
Joanne Beaudoin,
Joanne Foessl,
Jocelyn Toope,
Jocelyne Bourbonnais-Delorme,
Jocelyne Lemay,
Jocelyne Montreuil,
Jocelyne Parent,
Jocelyne Plante,
Jocelyne Poirier,
Joelle Tremblay,
Johanne Chalut,
Johanne Godbout,
Johanne Patenaude,
Johanne Plante,
Johanne Renaud,
Johanne Saint-Eloi,
Johanne Valade,
Joleil Campeau,
Jonathan Beaudin,
Jonathan Couture,
Jonathan Gilbert,
Josee Jobidon,
Josee Mathieu,
Josee Paquin,
Josee Pitre,
Josee Tremblay,
Josephine Sberna,
Josiane Jeannot,
Joyce Bond,
Judy Clark,
Julie Beauvais,
Julie Gendron,
Julie Labonne,
Justin Langlois,
Juthlande Pierre,
Kamalmatie Mulidhar-Janack,
Karen Margaret Ann Lewis,
Karine Page,
Kevin Stringer,
Kim Parent,
Kristina Blain,
Laurette Roy,
Laorina Adriansen,
Laurette Jarry,
Laurin Lirette,
Laurie Frechette,
Leila El-Tomi,
Leonie Hanscom-Dube,
Lijuan Wang,
Lina Charron,
Linda Borden,
Linda Lafrance,
Lise Beaudoin,
Lise Belisle,
Lise Bourgeois,
Lise Brisebois,
Lise Cossette,
Lise Hardy,
Lise Papineau,
Lise Raymond,
Lise Roberge-Beaudoin,
Lise Verreault-Belanger,
Lisette Boucher,
Lorraine Bourgeois,
Lorraine Keogh,
Louana Charles,
Louise Campbell,
Louise De Prater,
Louise Dubreuil,
Louise Ellis,
Louise Fleury,
Louise Heroux,
Louise Gagnon,
Louise Lessard-Piche,
Louise Macenat,
Louise Pageau,
Louise Plante-Ouellet,
Louise Prieur-Santerre,
Louise Ruel,
Louisette Laflamme,
Lucette Mageau-Casey,
Lucie Brousseau,
Lucie Dionne,
Lucille Gignac-Gelinas,
Lucille Morin,
Luis Antonio Ortiz,
Lyane Breault,
Lyne Saint-Onge,
Lyne Villeneuve,
Lynn Labonte,
Manon Hamel,
Manon Leblanc,
Manon Paquin,
Manon Trottier,
Marc Falardeau,
Marguerite Boka,
Marguerite Paris-Beauregard,
Maria Gallo-Dube,
Marie Bourdeau,
Marie Lemay,
Marie-Anne Bouffard,
Marie-Berthe Marcotte,
Marie-Chantale Desjardins,
Marie-Claude Cote,
Marie-Eve Lariviere,
Marie-Ghislaine Charles,
Marie-Jimcia Augustin,
Marie-Josee Champagne,
Marie-Paule Foucault,
Marie-Pier Gauthier,
Marielle Michaud,
Marielle Villeneuve,
Mariette Giroux,
Mariette Lacombe,
Marilu Ortiz,
Marlene Hogue,
Marthe Beaulieu,
Martine Auger,
Martine Lefebvre,
Marwan Harb,
Mary Begg,
Maryse Charron,
Maryse Laganiere,
Maryse Leclair,
Maud Haviernick,
Maxime Ayotte-McPhee,
Maxime Giasson Saint-Hilaire,
Maxime Raymond,
Melanie Cabay,
Mercedes Castellanos,
Michael Paquette,
Michael-Stephane Jolin,
Michel Perreault,
Michele Richard,
Micheline-Ange Charest,
Micheline Bond,
Micheline Cuerrier,
Micheline Denis,
Micheline Dufault,
Micheline Gregoire-Denis,
Micheline Lacharite,
Micheline Lapierre,
Micheline Leblanc,
Micheline Sevigny,
Mikaela Tautu,
Milia Abrar,
Mina Brascoupe-Jerome,
Ming Hung Ha,
Minnie Kenuajuak,
Mireille Belanger,
Mireille Bruneau,
Moira Fortin,
Monique Saint-Germain,
Monique Stocker,
Monique Woods,
Mylene Marceau,
Myriam Chrétien,
Myriam Valois,
Nancy Guimond,
Nancy Martins,
Nancy West,
Natasha Alexandre-Scott,
Nathalie Beauregard,
Nathalie Chassy,
Nathalie Croteau,
Nathalie Dallaire,
Nathalie Dumont,
Nathalie Jolicoeur,
Nathalie Levesque,
Nathalie Rouleau,
Nelly Bobishe,
Nicky Robinson,
Nicolas Maloney,
Nicole Bloomer,
Nicole Desgagnes,
Nicole François,
Nicole Morrissette,
Nicole Sassoon,
Nicole Tremblay,
Nora Guite-Bujold,
Nuran Demirel Keser,
Odette Dugas,
Odette Pinard,
Olivette Dupont-Baril,
Pascal Poulin,
Pascale Lemaire,
Patricia Shandroo,
Paula Laviolette,
Pauline Berthiaume-Bouthillette,
Pauline Boulet-Bellegarde,
Pierre-Luc Rioux,
Pierrette Faucher,
Pierrette Garceau,
Pierrette Pelletier,
Pierrette Plouffe-Guenette,
Pierrette Vaillancourt-Peladeau,
Priscilla Decarie-Rondeau,
Rachel Marcoux,
Raymonde Poulin-Lapointe,
Reine Lauziere-Page,
Rene Lauzon,
Rhea Landry-Carufel,
Rita Tookalook,
Rollande Asselin-Beaucage,
Rollande Vincent-Rinfret,
Rose Lagace,
Rosilda Houle,
Roxan Charbonneau,
Samara Foucault,
Samuel Desormeaux,
Samuel Shawn,
Sandra Gaudet,
Santino d’Intino,
Sarah Dutil-Coculuzzi,
Sarah Gagnon,
Scott MacCormack,
Sebastien Fugues,
Shanmatie Dookie,
Shaun Birch,
Solange Lelievre,
Sonia Pelletier,
Sonia Raymond,
Sophie Champagne,
Sophie Gervais,
Stephane Dion,
Stephane Guimond,
Stephane Houle,
Stephanie Pierpaolie,
Steven Valentine,
Sun Ok Hu,
Suzanne Bedard,
Suzanne Bergeron,
Suzanne Grondin,
Suzanne Jodoin,
Suzanne Lecours,
Sylvie Boucher,
Sylvie Chauvin,
Sylvie Lefebvre,
Sylvie Mireault,
Sylvie Samson,
Sylvie Theoret,
Sylvie Viau,
Talin Leylekoglu,
Tara Manning,
Teresinha Ng,
Theresa Luca,
Therese Briere,
Therese Labelle,
Therese Riel,
Thong Van Luangduangsuthidej,
Tina Diaz,
Tina Laposta,
Tobbie Turbide,
Travis Paris,
Tricia Shelen Pillingy,
Tung Than Nueng,
Vicky Michaud,
Vicky Parent,
Vicky Roy,
Victoire Cossette,
Victoria Debes Ghazal,
Virginia Pacuraru,
Viviane Simoneau,
Widad El-Tomi,
Wildrine Julien,
Yanne Cornu-Poirier,
Yolande Perron,
Youlia Ermenlieva,
Yvette Charbonneau-Bonneau,
Yvette Groleau-Gariepy,
Yvette Latulippe,
Yvette Martin-Chouinard,
Yvonne Arseneault,
Yvonne Duchesne,
Yvrose Guilloux,
We are missing one name – as of November 17, 1998.

Missing from Vancouver Canada – assailant prosecuted

Serlena Abotsway, 29
Mona Wilson, 26
Jacquilene McDonnell
Heather Bottomley
Diane Rock
Angela Joseby, 23
Brenda Ann Wolf
Georgina Papin
Patricia Johnson
Helen Hallmark
Jennifer Furminger
Heather Gabrielle Chinnoth, 31
Tanya Marlo Holyk, 21
Sherry Irving, 23
Inga Monque Hall, 46

Since 1983, twenty-two women have been murdered in Edmonton, Canada.
The four women who were found murdered in 2003 were:

• Katie Sylvia Ballentyne (found July 7, 2003, in Leduc County)

• Debbie Lake’s (found April 12, 2003, near Miquelon Lake Provincial Park)

• Monique Pitre (found January 8, 2003, in Strathcona County)

• Melissa Munch, 20, (found January 12, 2003, in Strathcona County)

Sources: Edmonton Police Service; RCMP; Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton; Canadian Press

Other Cities in Canada

100 Canadian Women 1989
One hundred Canadian women were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in 1989.
Our apology but we were unable to learn the names of these women

Dr. Carolyn Warrick 29
January 17, 1991
Ontario, Canada.

Darlene MacNeill 35
found October 29, 1997.

Donna Oglive, pregnant
found March 8, 1998 in Toronto, Canada

Elizabeth Jean Tomlinson 6
May 1980Toronto,

Jane Doe
found September 1, 1994 in the industrial
area North of Downsview.

Jane Doe 14
She lived in Pickering Canada.
She has been missing since April 1990

Jane Doe
She is a Canadian female.
Her body was found April 1990 near Lake St. Clair Canada

Jane Doe
She is a Canadian female.
Her body was found near Kingston Canada.

Jane Doe
5 Children

A woman threw her 5 children into the river in Calgary, Alberta Canada May 1, 1979. After throwing her children into the river the woman jumped into the river committing suicide.

Jolene Riendeau
missing from Montreal Canada,
since April 12, 1999

Julieanne Middleton 23
found July 7, 1994

Kim Sauve 15
Shelley Brazeau 16
1983 Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Judy (Kogma) 14
July 1981

Mrs. J. Peterson and 7 of her children were murdered in 1968

Kayla Klaudusz 3
August 1991 Toronto, Canada

Kristen French 15 , 1992 Toronto Canada

Florence Harrison 32. January 5, 1997

Leslie Mahaffy 14 1992 from Toronto, Canada

Lisa Lynn Anstey
found May 12, 1997

Lynda Shaw 21
April 15, 1990 Ontario Canada
University of Western Ontario

Melody Lopez Pregnant
Disappeared 1999
Toronto Canada

Mr. Donald Cruse, 57
Mrs. Mary Cruse, 53
June 14, 2002 Grimsby in Southern Canada.

Muriel Barnett 80
1985 Victoria, British Columbia

Poonam Randhawa 18
January 26, 1999, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

Shannon Cruse, 23

Shaniya Cruse, 6

Shirley Lu
Toronto, Canada.

Simone Sandler 21
found July 31, 1994 in the Keating Channel

Theresa Melanson 32 January 5, 1997.

Tracey Latimer 12
1994 Saskatchewan, Canada.

Virginia Lee Coote 33
found October 28, 1994 near Lake Ontario.

Vivian Bremner 31
May 1, 1990 Erin Township was reported missing

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