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Women of Courage Introduction

Gloria G. Lee’s Women of Courage is a warm, inspiring read. Based on historical events and facts she shows how history and man have moulded women and their perception. From India to America she covers controversial topics that women endure daily yet are passed over by people today and swept under the carpet almost. Covering controversial topics and retelling harrowing tales she takes you back throughout history and allows you to see it from the women’s point of view. Why has this happened? Why are social injustices towards women, even in the twenty-first century still looked on as the norm.

She champions women and wants them to stand up and fight for their rights, speak out when they think something is wrong and ask questions no one else has dared to ask. From single mothers struggling to raise her children to women soldiers of today, Gloria gives them a voice, a platform and allows the reader to see them as they should be seen, women. Strong willed, caring, intelligent and powerful women.
This book is a must read for any woman. It will help you see how women have been portrayed throughout history and how we have been second class citizens for so long. You will look back and see things in a different perspective and see how these views and ideals are still affecting women across the world today. It highlights the struggles women face today with employment and how we had to fight for our rights to gain employment and work alongside men.
Why are women, daughters, still sold as if they are owned by men? Why should women accept society’s notion that marriage, raising children and keeping a home is the only place for them? Why can women not do the same jobs a men and receive the same pay scale?
Gloria believes all women should be able to do whatever they want, pursue any dream they wish regardless of age, status or background. She uses other ordinary women’s struggles and strengths to help ignite something deep inside and spur you on to reach your true potential. If you want to take back charge of your life or change it then this is the book for you.

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Why You Must Read The Woman of Courage?

That women and children constitute the largest part of the most vulnerable in our society is well beyond doubt. Even with the spate of civilization, women’s position in the society still leaves much to desire. Is it the endless and numerous crimes against womanhood all over the world? Or the preposterous society’s perception of a woman as a substance, one that has nothing to offer than her body and household responsibilities? The fact is, we have been enthralled for too long. And our silence has become totally unreasonable.
As a woman, have you ever asked yourself why the society views you as a lesser being to a man? Have you ever wondered why only a few women are in the history books, even though the contrary is the case? Have you ever been bothered about why women are left out of various leadership positions, even with their extensive contributions? Well, the answer is a no-brainer. Women are very powerful beings. The strength we exude in carrying out our daily lives even with the way the society frowns at us is seen as a threat to the domineering nature men in the society. And as such, discriminating, segregating and subjugating us in every facet of the society is seen as the key to limiting our power. This is the reality we have had to live with. But it’s time this changes, don’t you think? Will you prefer to continue to remain silent and continue to strive through this great inhumanity? Or fight for the elevation of your rights and that of the oncoming female generations?
The book Women of Courage was written as a means of proffering detailed answers to the questions above and much more. In this book, you will read about how females of different ages, statuses, and colors took courage to live exemplary lives, even though most of them were of humble background. The most of the book talks about the life travails of over 700 women who displayed courage in actualizing not only their dreams and ensuring that women are recognized in the America. You will read of how Rosa Parks and other women stood up and fought for the liberation of black women. You will also learn about how Ms. Paul, Lucy Burns and several others the women ensured the passage of the famous 19th amendment. You will also read about how different women had to go through trauma and agony to fight for justice.
The Women of Courage aims to inspire every woman regardless of age, color or status of the need to rise and fight for our rights. Most importantly, the book seeks to expand our understanding of the violence against women and children in America and all over the world as well as how to put an end to it once and for all. By reading the 500-page book, you will be correcting the notion that women are poor readers. And like Rufus Choate (1799-1859) said, “Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune, a genuine and passionate love of reading.”

Women of Courage Part One

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The author of Women of Courage has tried to amass the experiences of hundreds of women and offer these experiences for you to draw from in your everyday life. She believes that if you read how other women have lived the spark of courage will be ignited in you and you will live a more fulfilling and productive life. It takes courage to stand and attempt to be the first at any endeavor. It takes courage to live a life swimming against the current with no end in sight. It takes courage to begin life anew as a woman at the age of 60. It takes courage to have a baby in a tree; it takes courage to define your own way. Read and learn how hundreds of women changed their lives by having courage. The Webster’s Dictionary defines courage as: “The quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face difficulty, danger or pain.” We believe that the women discussed in the following pages can be described by this definition of the word courage.

Women of Courage Part Two

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The author of Women of Courage in the completion of this series continues to drive home the fact that women need jobs and education just like men to fulfill their dreams. Women should not allow themselves to be discouraged by family from seeking a higher education or to be discouraged from seeking employment in fields previously dominated by men. All of us have only one life to live. Why not live that life doing what you want to do and being the person you want to be.

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How To Become a Woman of Courage Workbook

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From today forward, you will become a woman of change. That means you can affect change in your status and relevance as a woman and human being. You can get a better job, be treated better by men and other women and feel beautiful and proud in your skin.
But to gain this level of respect and admiration from peers. It can only be achieved with purpose.
Purpose, that is what will wake you out of mental enslavement and put you on your own pedestal. But to become queen of your domain, you must gain knowledge and then work that knowledge to good use. That is how you fulfill your purpose.
This workbook will assist you in that respect. Simple questions that essentially challenge what you know and request that you delve into thinking deeply about history, current trends and attitudes. It makes you remember and learn about your true purpose as a woman and how you can affect change.
These questions will help you find your purpose. But you are probably wondering how does this book really help you find purpose as a woman?
First, let us start destroying the most basic misconception. The little things do matter, as is the knowledge you know. Think of it this way, not many people know much about the constitution and law in this country. But the ones that do, are more likely to notice their rights being infringed on when they see it and complain right?
If you did not know the constitution and the law would you know when your rights are infringed on? No, you would not because you have no idea about what criteria or circumstances would lead to your rights being infringed on.
So do not think that any little knowledge you gain is irrelevant, it is. Every piece of knowledge is relevant. It may not be right now, but it can become relevant in the future. This is why you should hold the knowledge in the Woman of Courage book dear and close to your hearts because it holds the knowledge of women, women of courage.

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