Easy Pickings

Elder Homicides – Rape, Robbery and Murder – Elder Homicides
“He probably went in there looking for cash. The opportunity presented
itself for the sexual assault.” Lt. Charles Hunt, Toledo Police
Department, 1999
“Few of these people (who commit home invasion crimes) are
professional criminals. Most are opportunists. What I tell people is just try to
take care of yourself and your property. Lock your doors. Even if you’re just
running out back to the garden to pick a couple tomatoes. Lock that door. If
you recognize an intruder in your home, they might try faking senility, such
as addressing the intruder by a name at random.”
Mitch Carroll, Anderson Indiana Police
The greatest insult to a nation is the maltreatment of the young, the old,
and the infirm, and America has quite a record even with all of its
generosity abroad and non profit organizations. The desperate acts
against these populations are shameful and wasteful. We must stop
certain members of our communities from killing off our past and future.
America must establish a moreway, an inviolable cultural standard for
generations to come, ardent in its execution that the elderly and young
shall not be molested. We must reaffirm that the elderly are our national
treasure, not to be treated as waste.
The elderly, both male and female, are the most preyed upon persons in
our society, second are children third are women. With the proliferation of
drug use the number of elderly victims has grown. Drug addicts look to the
elderly as a source of money to support their habit and juveniles look to the
elderly as easy prey. It is as if some of the youth in this country has found
an unending supply of fun money. Juveniles look at the elderly as easy
marks for intimidation. Many of these juvenile intimidators have no
problems murdering their victims. The advent of juveniles into the criminal
arena has cause thousands of legal battles to be fought as to their ability to
reason and make competent decisions. The age 18 has become the
standard when a juvenile can be subject to the death penalty for the
conviction of a capital offense.
The following is a statement made by the United States Supreme
Court regarding juveniles who commit heinous crimes. “Eighteen is the
dividing line that society has generally drawn, the point at which it is
thought reasonable to assume that persons have an ability to make, and a
duty to bear responsibility for their judgments. Insofar as age 18 is a
necessarily arbitrary social choice as a point at which to acknowledge a
person’s maturity and responsibility, given the different developmental rates
of individuals, it is in fact a conservative estimate of the dividing line
between adolescence and adulthood.”
In re Stanford, 537 U.S. 968, 970-71 (2002) (Justices Stevens,
Souter, Ginsberg, and Breyer, dissenting) (quoting Stanford v.
Kentucky,492 U.S. 361, 394-96 (1989) (Brennan, J., dissenting) Please
make certain that your read the PDF file, Foster Trust Privacy, by Frances
H. Foster, http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/research/cornell-law-review
This is an extremely important article. It will broaden your
understanding of the abuse suffered by the elderly in this country. If you
have plans on getting older, you should read this article. The article will
give you some idea on how to protect yourself. Imagine a man stole
$675,000 from his mother, over a period of years after locking her in her
home until she died. Another article I want you to read is Post-Standard,
The (Syracuse, NY) – January 17, 2001 EXTORTION PLOT TARGETS
Several people learned that an 85 year old man had thousands of
dollars in his savings account and they decided they wanted the money.
So these people went about plotting an idea that would force the 85 year
old man to give them his money. The extortionists were three 19 year olds.
Apparently the 19 year olds believed it was easier to frighten an elderly
man out of his money rather than work at McDonald’s. Let us hope the
court had something to say about their conduct. We need legislation all
over this country to fill in the cracks in our laws to prevent elder abuse and
elder murders. When Congress and state governments began to
encourage the elderly to direct deposit their social security check and
income tax checks, our friendly neighborhood criminals were forced to
increase the number of attacks against the elderly in their homes. Here is
the key to some home invasions.
If you have a friend using drugs or relative using drugs make certain
they do not know where your elderly relative lives. There is not such thing
as a drug addict not harming a relative or a friend if they need money to
purchase drugs. Husbands have killed wives for money to buy drugs.
Sons have murdered their mothers and fathers for money to purchase
drugs. Grandchildren have murdered grandparents for money to purchase
drugs. A drug addict and an elderly person is a volatile combination.
Excerpt from The Deadliest Moment Part Two, Chapter 11, Page 95