Murdered Voices

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In 2009 there were 3,122 women murdered in the United States. These women were murder by men using bats, axes, sticks, saws, hammers, garrote, poisons, boat propellers, handguns, shotguns, cars, and other implements that could damage the body. These women were murdered everywhere. The women were murdered in alleys, shopping malls, cellars, corn fields, basements, barns, houses, lawyer offices, convince stores, liquor stores, boutiques, bathrooms in super markets, bathrooms in fast food restaurants and even in court houses. After learning all of this information we took a look at the murders of 1, 942 of the women murdered in 2009. If you think long and hard you will realize that fact that we discovered. An American woman was murdered………….. We believe if you read Murdered Voices your ability to survive life until old age will increase.