Recidivist Volume 4 – Part One

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You must accept the fact that one half of the nation’s population is prey for the other half of the nation’s population. In every book of the Do This In Remembrance of Me series the following statement can be found….”Women must always be alert. Women must always snoop, listen, and pry. The women who do not snoop, listen and pry are the women who are often caught off guard; who are raped, assaulted or murdered.”

Stop spilling your guts on the first date about everything and everyone you know; you may become a stalking victim. You may need a place to hide. If you tell everything about yourself on the first date, what is left?
Learn to shut up once the argument gets heated. Men love to tell the court the gun went off accidentally.
Stop threatening your boyfriend with child support. A man we believe who lived in Utah paid a man $3,000 to kill his ex-girlfriend to avoid paying child support. Was he not stupid? Yes he was stupid, but that is our point. You have no way of knowing whether or not the man you are talking to is an idiot, so why put yourself in his cross hairs by threatening him? If you are going to threaten a man you need to have a gun in your hands with the trigger cocked prepared to shoot. If you cannot kill do not threaten a man.
Stop threatening your boyfriend or your husband that you are leaving him. Just leave! Leave the state.
Always be prepared to flee, therefore stash money and clothing aside. If you have to make a choice between saving your money and eating, drink water. You should start saving your money the day you marry.
At the first sign of violence prepare to leave. Keep your mouth shut and tell no one of your plans or preparations. Why leave your children motherless because you want to give your boyfriend or husband a second chance? If they threaten your life, go. Just like a man has no right to commit a criminal act that will take him away from his children, a mother has no right to take a chance on losing her life through an act of violence, leaving her children motherless. Nothing is more wretched than being a motherless child. Can you imagine being 2 years old and knowing as you grow up you will never see your mother’s face or hear your mother’s voice? Keep your mouth closed. Shut up and prepare quietly. Leave the state if need be and go nowhere near any relatives. That will be the first place he looks.
Consult an attorney regarding your estate and the affairs of your children. You do not want your husband and his mistress living off of the money they receive from your life insurance policy or social security once he decides to kill you. There is more…… yes men rape their ex-wives. Once men lose control expect anything.