The Deadliest Moment Part 2

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The one thing you do not do is to tell your girlfriend, your sister, or your mother what you are planning to do until the moment you do it. Women talk too much. They run their mouths and offer suggestions that have gotten women killed. It is believed that Becky Simmons was murdered by her husband because he learned she was making plans to leave him. The mother of one of the victims in this book said she wished she had never told her daughter to go back to the man her daughter had left. Her daughter was murdered shortly after she returned home. Women have been known to say things like, “Girl, there is no way I would leave him with all the money he makes.” “You’re not going to find anyone as good as him.” “A little slap now and then is okay; it makes him feel powerful.” These women are stupid and should be treated as such. You do not listen to fools. No one deserves to be beaten. Why should a woman be beaten just to make her husband or her boyfriend feel powerful? Do not count on any of these people to help you. When a person is in a life-or-death struggle, he or she should depend only upon his or her own resources and fortitude. You must make up in your mind that you are strong and you are powerful and you can fight for yourself. You do not have to be defeated because you are a female. Men are not as smart as they think they are. Their greatest tool is their mouth: they talk a good game to terrorize women, but when there is a showdown, many implode.

The only system in the world designed so that one person must depend upon another person for his or her life is the military. In this system, the relationships are forged over time. The men and women of the military know that their lives depend on the physical and verbal performance of one another. They give their lives to ensure one another’s performance. Begin to encourage yourself. As you make your plans, put them to memory. Do not keep the pieces of paper you write on. Remember: the deadliest moment in your life will be when you tell your husband or boyfriend that you want to end the relationship. If you plan correctly, you can tell them by mail after you have left your home, mailing the letter just before you board the bus. If you leave by car, paint your car when you arrive at your new destination. You can also modify the appearance of your car by hanging dice across your visor. Put grotesque animals in the back window of the car. Give the interior a masculine look. Put sports decals on the car. Use your mind. It works. You just have to practice believing in yourself, just as you practiced not believing in yourself.

The woman in the greatest danger is the woman with children and no resources. She has to deal with the constraint of her children and governmental laws (see Mary Feldbruegge, 29). Do not depend upon social service to help you. Women have been shot to death in social service offices after the courts demanded the husband or boyfriend be given visitation rights to see his children. Mrs. Lorraine Kline and her children were murdered on December 18, 1968, in a welfare office during a Christmas reunion with her husband. The reunion was arranged by Frank Wild Grube, age 23, a social worker. He too was shot to death. Available at email see man threw son off roof 2013