Wall of Remembrance

We are The National Institute of The Study of Violence. We thank you for visiting our website. The page you are viewing is the American Wall of Remembrance. We posted this page because we feel that the women listed should be remembered they paid the ultimate price for being a woman. They are the women who have gone before us and their lives should be remembered. These women believed in themselves and wanted to live their lives and determine their destiny. They took an active role in trying to determine the direction of their lives and the future of their families. It should never be said that these women contributed to their murders. When these women were murdered they were going about their daily lives. Some were trying to work a job and be a wife and mother. Others had succeeded as a parent and were looking forward to playing with their grandchildren. Some were attending college and working a job. Others were working at night because working the midnight shift paid them more money, money that they needed because they had to support their children alone. Also midnight jobs allowed the women to be available to their children during the day. These women were accosted in their home, on the street and/ or on the job by assailants that were angry over the circumstances of their lives; because they were mentally ill or because they were angry or using drugs.

The women listed below were mothers, daughter, sisters, nieces, grandmothers, aunts, or cousins to someone. Their death left their family devastated and left our society deprived of their talents and vision. We cannot as a civilized nation allow 252,287 American women to be murdered in this country and do nothing in their name. This is why we ask that, if you believe the information on this website is value, you invite others to view our website and to download our Free E-Books. Your action may have save the life of a woman or child.

Thank you for your attention.