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The Best Rape Statement


You Cannot Tell A Rapist by His Appearance


As you go about your day you must remember that every time you look into the face of a man you have a 100% chance of looking into the face or a rapist. No, of course not all men are rapists, but if you are serious about your safety, you should assume the man you see is a rapist and act accordingly. The murders we discuss in the Career Rapist prove this assertion.

When you look into the face of a man you must understand you do not know who he is. You are not privy to his thoughts. You have no idea of his experiences. You are not with him every hour of the day. You do not know how much pornography he watches on television at night or during the day or his choice of magazines. You do not know his fantasies. You do not know that he has hundreds of panties hiding in his garage that he visits every weekend. You cannot associate his education to his proclivity to rape nor can you associate his patriotism to his desire to murder. Why should it be a rare phenomenon for a CEO to be a rapist? Why should it be a rare phenomenon for a doctor to be a rapist? Who do you think purchase the first crop of virgins being brought into our country from China, Russia, the Baltic region or the Far East? Someone must be raping the women in this country, why not a CEO or doctor? Do you know how many wealthy businessmen fly to Thailand for sex vacations? Hundreds of young girls are raped on college campuses every year. Their assailants are not imprisoned. Hundreds of rapes occur every year and many of the rapes are not reported. When is the first or last time you heard of a male student being imprisoned for raping a female student? Therefore, their assailants are still at large where many become graduate students. Why can’t their assailants be working in one of the largest corporations in the country? It you want to be safe and live to old age you must expand your thinking.

The next time you look in a man’s face you will realize how great the possibility is that you are looking into the face of a rapist because the number of rapists in the country is growing. Not all men are rapists, but we know that the vast majority of rapists are men, which is unsettling to say the least. Any time you look into the face of a man you must realize you are looking into the face of a rapist. I do not care if the man is White; the young and White kill as often and with as much frequency as the old and Black. Nothing precludes a man from being a rapist. Nothing! Any time you look into the face of a man you must realize you are looking into the face of a rapist. This is a life saving assumption. To think counter to this assumption is to put your life in that man’s hands. Accepting this fact may save your life. A case in point – In 1985 Bennie Adams of Ohio, age 28, was dating Gina Gay Tenney’s neighbor. What no one knew is Mr. Adams was watching Gina Tenney. He continued his surveillance of her until he was able to enter her apartment where he raped and murdered Gina Tenny. Bennie Adams was arrested October 2007. Corey Parker, 25, a college student living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida was raped and murdered by her neighbor November 26, 1998. She was stabbed 101 times. Her neighbor, Robert Erik Denney, 19, was in a position to watch her every move and to peer into her apartment. Corey Parker did nothing wrong. It was not her mode of dress, her number of boyfriends, or her promiscuity that cause her death. It was her neighbor’s imagination that caused her death. That smiling young man who passes you in the hallway or passes you on the steps has a 100% possibility of being a rapist. Mr. Denny was arrested November 28, 2000.
A career rapist told a police officer that he was driving a woman to a dope house to purchase marijuana and she told him how thankful she was that he was driving her because she felt safe with him. He told the officer he laughed to himself. After they purchased the marijuana he took the woman to a field and strangled her to death. He told the officer about the shocked look on her face. This man went on to murder over seven more women. Another career rapist told a police officer that he knew he had a woman as soon as she put her hands on his car door. Read learn and be cautious of any man with a smile on his face.

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