The Recidivist Volume Four Part One




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A Recidivist is a repeat offender. He is a parolee that told the parole board that he would go straight after getting out of prison. A recidivist is also your husband or boyfriend that says he loves you after throwing you down the stairs.
For a woman who is a mother who is living with a repeat offender there is only one question in life. How important are the lives of her children.
That is the question you are now facing because if you stay after the beating then you are saying your children can be left motherless.
Because he is going to kill you that is a certainty the only question is when.
The most wretched human being in the world is the motherless child.
Visit a foster care home or an orphanage. Motherless children have no one to protect them. They must do as they are told including allowing a male to come into their bedroom at night and rape them.
So the next time you are ready to accept your husband’s or boyfriend’s apology for hitting you or kicking you down the stair, think of your children and leave.
If you do not consider this good advice maybe you will consider the lives of the 4,400 murdered women discussed in the books, The Recidivist Volume Four Part One, The Recidivist Volume Four Part Two and the Recidivist Volume Four Part Three. There we talk about women that stayed.

The choice is yours.

Leave your home and state or stay and possibly be killed.
Guess what decision your children hope you make.

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Book page count : 500 pages
Book Size : 8 ½ by 11