The Recidivist Volume Four Part Three




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Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? Well you do. Believe it, you talk too much. That is correct. There is no way to say be quiet except to be blunt and say “shut up.” You may not want to die, but your children want to live regardless of how angry you are or the fact that you feel you’re in the right during an argument. Being dead, and lying right alongside the bodies of your children is stupid. When people visit the cemetery it does not matter who was right or who was wrong; the only thing that matters is someone is dead never to be seen again.

It is better to live and proudly face yourself in the mirror as a survivor than to argue and leave your children motherless.

If You Want to Live


Be Quiet

You cannot hear and your senses will not work when you have your mouth open.

Man is the most dangerous animal on this planet.

If you want to live to be old and gray, you better treat your husband or boyfriend like he is the most dangerous animal on this planet.

Never to mouth the words “I’m leaving.” Never use an ultimatum as a threat.

Book page count : 500 pages
Book Size : 8 ½ by 11