Teach Someone to Read

“He Who Reads, Sees”

We at Touched By The Light Publishing thank you for reading one of our publications. We pray that it was an enjoyable experience. We now ask that you join us in our literacy campaign by pledging to teach a person to read. Help open the doorway to the world by teaching a person to read. If you visit our website at www.touchedbythelightliteracyprogram.com you will learn how important reading is to our country.

We can reduce teenage pregnancy by teaching a person to read. We can reduce the number of violent incidents in our country by teaching someone to read. We can reduce our prison population by teaching someone to read. We can improve our employment rate by teaching a person to read. Reading is an essential past time. It is one of the most important activities a person can perform. Reading opens doors to knowledge and knowledge opens doors to personal management and self- employment. We would like for you agree to teach one person to read. If 1 million Americans agree to teach 1 million people in this country to read we will be 1 million stronger and so on. Each year focus on teaching someone to read.

Call your local library or go on the Internet and find an organization dedicated to teaching people to read and volunteer at that organization. Make it your business to spend a year teaching an adult to read. Those of you with more money and time please advertise for people with low reading skills to join you for a reading class at your local church or the YWCA. Reading is an accrued skill. The more you read, the better you get at it. It does not take a lot of money to teach a person to read. Remember, slaves learned to read by candlelight. Those of you earning more than $200,000 a year please find a school and make certain that every child in that school knows how to read. Donate money to a company that specializes in teaching children to read and have that company invite children from the designated school to participate in their reading program. You want to make certain every child in that school can read. According to a recent U.S. government report, ‘The State of Literacy in America, nearly one out of two adults are functionally illiterate, without the minimum skills required in today’s society. Many adults in the USA cannot read a newspaper or fill out a job application. The prison population has the single highest concentration of illiterate US adults. 42 million Americans can’t read at all, 50 million cannot read above a 4th or 5th grade level

We are an industrious nation and we are a giving nation so we can solve the problem of literacy in our nation if we make it our business to teach a person to read. If you can read you can teach someone else how to read. If you cannot read ask a librarian to tell you of a reading program in your area. Make it a point of pride and teach someone to read. Do not leave this problem for someone else to solve. Make it a point of pride, teach someone to read.

If you cannot read this essay and note the errors

“Reading is no longer a pleasure. Reading has become a necessity. Your success and the success of your family all depend on how well you read and how often you read. Do not find yourself locked out of a job because you did not take the time to read.”
Jonathan L. A. Hop M.A., teacher, author

If you cannot read this essay nor spot the errors within then this means, you have an overall education level below the 5th grade and your life is a mess. Their is absolutely no way that your life could not be a mess if you are living today with a 5th grade education.
A fifth grade education means you cannot read a contact and know exactly what that contract is telling you. It means you can not read a perchases agreement and know exactly what your rights are and the rights of the seller are. Having a 5th grade education also means that youhav problems in your interpersonal relationships. You do not get along with people well. You fight with your coworkers. You gossip at home and work. Your fued with your neighbors. When you go to a restaurant you are always ill at ease becaue you do not know exactly what you should and should not do. You are embarssed because you children act out and you cannot control them. Lately the best job you can find is waiting on tables. You had a better job but they let you go explaining that they wer downsizing. Actually, you could not understand that they were downsizing when you were the only person that they let go. Could it be that you were so disruptive they spent months divising a plan to get rid of you, avoiding the possibility of your susing them.

Your husband has probably taken flight, your children are using drugs and you are anethizing yourself with TV. The absence of knowledge is not knowing. The closet word to not knowing in the dictionery is the word ignorant. It is a known fact that ignorance breeds suspicion, suspicion breeds violence and violence breeds murder and murder brings destruction in its wake.

So if you find yourself alone in your home stuffing potatoes chips in your mouth, drinking beer and watch television you need to consider reading to change your position in life. Thousands and thousands of people everyday have to make the same decision as you. They have to make the decision to change. They ask themselves should I continue to live this way or should I change; and if I change what should I change. How can I change is there some one out ther that can help me change.

In order to change you must do two things you must make a commitment to change and you must get rid of your fear that triggers embarassment. Once you have solidfiye your attitude then you can begin your journey toward change. Make immediate changes first, small changes such as you attitude toward people. Your attitude torward yourself.

Then pick up a book and away you will go. Begin your change by takeing a reading class. Incraase your vocabulary. Over and over and over again learn 5 new words per month. Write the words down. Learn how to spell these words correctly. Learn the perceive usage. Begin writing sentences using these words and incorporate these words in your every day conversation. Find new people to talk to. For a group of other people who are also in the same situation you are in, people who are trying to make a change.

You are probably over weight, have diabetes, cartherisc cant speal or pronounce half the medicine your doctor gives you. You take the medicine obiediently you can’t think of one auetion to ask hiom.

You make faces at peoplew hnee they look at you.
You frown because

Errors in essay

Word choice
Comma unsuage
Misspelled words,
Incomplete sentences
Word usage
Misspelled words due to inability to pronounce word correctly

The above essay was written by Jonathan Lee Ames Hop who attended the University of Michigan for seven years earning a Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies. He was an America Read volunteer while attending college. He used his skills to inspire young children to learn and to enjoy reading. He washed dishes in the cafeterias on campus and waited tables at a local restaurant on the week end. Lack of money did not deter him from getting an education. By reading he taught himself to speak German, Mandarin and Russian. Mr. Hop read books every morning and every evening while his mother drove him to and from school. He read the Meridian Dictionary from beginning to end entirely while riding in the car with his mother. He has written six books and coauthored two books. He taught English as a second language in Korea. He boarded a plane for Korea not knowing one word of Korean. He worked to master the language so he could speak to his students. He now teaches children who speak German, Korean and English at the International Academy. All his life reading has been his passion. A man who can read competently can always be retrained and does not have to worry about the future. Pick up a book and start a new future for yourself and your family.

If you are a competent reader or a retired teacher of just someone that wants to help, start a reading class to help teach someone to read. You can teach someone to read at your local library or at your church. If you cannot spare the time to teach someone to read, then pay a college student to teach someone to read. Just do something to help the people in this country learn to read.